Friday, June 18, 2010

Pulled by desire: The old Railway Sleepers found us!

Posing the Makuagi Railway Sleepers at Asaba's garden-to-be

Someone said that a constant stream of the things we desire floats past us, but we never look up, never reach out and grasp them.

Asaba-san is not one of those people. She is such a natural at Permie Resourcefulness. After our breakfast the other day she jumped in the car to find free fencing materials.

An hour later she came back with the whereabouts of a stash of timber railway sleepers.

Yes, for free.
And for some reason, cut to the lengths specified in my garden design sketch.

While I busied myself with cocktail chatter...

Asaba-san, in her sixties, was hauling her treasures into the car, and into the garden.

Like all things Asaba, its going to be a great garden.